The End-time Woman

Bride Assembly Church strongly believes in recognizing and supporting the contribution of women in the ministry.
Vision Statement:
The Women of Zion Fellowship is to connect women to Christ and ministry service, so that we can grow in faith, knowledge and love of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. 1pet.4:10
. Organize regular/periodic meetings which are:
– Monthly meetings to praise, worship, pray, share experiences, encourage one
another and study to know our God and His perfect will for us,
– Quarterly prayer programs are, singles forum, annual love feast program, annual retreat otherwise known as “Women Fellowship Camp Program” among it many other activities.
Look into other areas of human existence to enable us live successful and
victorious Christian lives such as:
Health and sustainable health related matters.
Economic empowerment through teachings and practical skill acquisition
The home; to provide resources, advice and encouragement to enable women
live peaceable and successful lives as wives and mothers. Titus 2:4-5
Affect the lives of others through charity, assisting members financially and
visiting of charitable organizations such as motherless babies’ homes, old
people’s home and physically challenged peoples home to make donations.
Provide advice and encouragement to women of all ages, single or married in
their desire to grow in the faith.
Promote the vision and mission of The Bride Assembly Church amongst women.
The Lord will help us achieve all of these in Jesus Christ name. Amen!





Sister Clara Alu is the coordinator of the women of Zion fellowship of the Bride Assembly Lagos Church and also the wife of the Overseer of the church. They are blessed with beautiful children.
She embraced the end-time message through her husband in the year 1990. Prior to this period she had given her life to Christ so it was easy for her to join her husband in the prison ministry – West African Prison Outreach (WAPO), evangelizing across various prisons in Nigeria.
Over the years she attended Four (4) other end-time message churches before settling down with her husband in the Bride Assembly Church. In one of the churches she initiated the first ever gathering of women in the end-time message; primarily for the purpose of intercession for the Church, the women and their families. The gathering experienced massive expansion into a full-blown women fellowship. However, Sister Clara had to hand over the reins of the fellowship to the Pastor’s wife after she and her husband announced their intention to leave the church.
Furthermore, in 1998, after her husband was ordained Pastor in the Bride Assembly Church, she remained supportive and stood by him through prayers and fasting. In 1999, she initiated and led the women fellowship of the Bride Assembly Church until 2002. The women fellowship then began to have Presidents with tenures of 2 years and a possibility of extension where necessary.  Sister Rose Emiowe was elected as the first president of the women fellowship (2002-2006).
In 2005, Sister Clara became the coordinator of the women fellowship, a position and responsibility given to her from 2005 till date. She is a nurse, a graduate of Business Administration (B.Sc.) and Public Administration (M.Sc.) and she has served in various departments in the church.